Resource Rhymes is a 10 week school competition to create songs, raps or poems about better resource use in South Australia.


These projects encourage students to research current affairs, collaborate, build relationships, creatively express themselves, gain confidence and become engaged in their local community. 

Awards are given to the most outstanding Resource Rhymes in each category: 'People’s Choice' and 'Experts Pick' fields. 

People's choice is via online votes and Experts pick is an expert panel.

Congratulations to all participants in 2019.

Wake up
Ban the wrap rap

WASTE    2019

The first Resource Rhyme will have the topic of Waste.

The song/rap/poem can address anything in relation to waste, whether that's the processing of materials, disposal, reuse, recycling, technology, better options, creative ideas...anything!  

The Rhyme must however, include both an original audio and visual element and be catchy, address sustainability, be educational, show collaborative work and adhere to the entry guidelines.

This is your opportunity to engage in a fun and creative way, sharing an important message broadly, getting recognition, creating positive change and maybe even getting media exposure!


How  to  get


Schools will be required to register their participation in order to be provided with support materials.

Schools are also responsible for obtaining necessary consent for participants to appear in visual and audio material that will be publicly available online and used for education and promotional purposes (See Entry Guidelines)

Please note that it is not necessary for participants to be in the visual component: visual components can be animations, still images or anything else creative you'd like.

Download the Resources package to participate:

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