Resource Rhymes is a volunteer facilitated schools competition auspiced by Sustainable Communities SA. 

Volunteer lead and Resource Rhymes Creator: Sarah Bruns


Volunteers who have generously given their time, expertise and general support are:  Joanne Hendrikx (Mighty Mentor), Allison Byrne (Marion Master), Sharni Wood (Holdfast Hero), Lynda Wedding (Onkaparinga Oracle), Nick Teoh (Original Optimist), Tristan O'Brien (Website Wizard), Ryan Bartlett (Editing Expert), Simon Jankelson (Jingle Juggernaut).


Councils who supported the initial concept and boldly encouraged the program under their careful watch are City of Holdfast Bay, City of Marion & City of Onkaparinga.


Supporters who are generously giving financial or in-kind donations are: Maxiplas, Replas, RedCycle, Peats Soils

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