Entry guidelines

Resource Rhymes is a volunteer facilitated schools competition auspiced by Sustainable Communities SA. 

Participation is optional and 2018/2019 is a pilot project to gauge community engagement with the concept.  

Positive community uptake of the project in 2018/2019 may allow the competition will be rerun in following years for different resource topics. 

By participating in the program, participants agree to allow any submitted material to be used by Resource Rhyme volunteers for the purpose of public education including marketing and promotion of Resource Rhymes either by Resource Rhymes volunteers or supporting Councils (City of Holdfast Bay, Marion & Onkaparinga). This may include the use of written, audio and or visual content.

Under this condition, it is the participant’s responsibility to ensure all necessary consent is received before beginning participation in the project. Example consent forms will be provided by resource Rhymes however all responsibility lies with participants.  Consent forms must be submitted upon registration and will be a mandatory element of submission criteria.

Good news: you can now register and have more time to collect consent forms! 
Please send completed registration and survey forms by 20th April and ensure all consent forms are submitted by the new date of May 7th.

Participants must also acknowledge all sources of project input including creative assistance, industry information, and other sources of content and input. 

Within the context of these conditions, the project refers to Resource Rhymes, participants refers to schools and their affiliates and volunteers refers to individuals assisting with the facilitation of the project. 

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