Resource  Rhymes  detail

Resource Rhymes is a volunteer project that arose from a Community Leadership training course in the City of Marion, South Australia 2018.

In a changing environment facing the effects of climate chaos, understanding and managing resources sustainably is key to positive futures for all. It is this educational need that Resource Rhymes aims to address.

To empower future generations in sustainability actions, this project aims to engage primary students in creating fun and impactful rhymes that consider resource: conservation, maximisation, processing, conscious use and/or recycling. It aligns with STEAM curriculum as well as the cross curricular Sustainability topic.

The overall project aims to address multiple resources, focusing on one resource each year for example: waste, water, energy or biodiversity.

The topic of waste has recently been in the media spotlight in Australia and internationally as global markets change and environmental impacts are experienced. In 2019, the focus resource for the project is ‘waste’ which will build on current affairs knowledge and help address some of the action that is required in this space.

The project will be run as a trial initially in the Southern region where Councils have shown early support. The Cities of Holdfast Bay, Marion & Onkaparinga are eligible to participate in 2019 with the success of the project determining the future scope.

Rhyme creation will encourage investigative research, teamwork, creative expression, advocacy, strengthened communication, contextual thinking and community engagement.

Let us work together, having fun, to educate and empower positive environmental action!



It is becoming increasingly obvious that we need to consider the natural environment more as climate chaos becomes felt worldwide.  For years we have known that environmental actions need to be taken and we are now being threatened with pollution, land degradation, sea level rise and resource shortages to name just a few.

In Australia, recent media has highlighted the effects of climate chaos and the role we, as consumers, play in it.  It is for this reason we need to take action.

In order to take action, it is good to be armed with the power of knowledge.  This shows that education is key and where Resource Rhymes aims to assist children to research, think creatively, contextualise and advocate for positive change.

Resource Rhymes is a program designed to fit into the current curriculum, to educate students about sustainability. 

In 2018/2019 Resource Rhymes will focus on the topic of ‘Waste’.  This is currently a hot topic after the series ‘War on Waste’ highlighted the current challenges faced in Australia.  This has been further emphasised by the National China Sword Policy which has seen all States affected.  South Australia however, is a leader in waste management so it seems fitting that the children of South Australia become champions of waste education. 



Resource Rhymes aligns itself to the STEM program with students considering the following factors:

Science: the breakdown of waste materials, gases released, water/air/soil pollution.

Technology: the introduction of compostable polymers, methane extractors, waste to energy.

Engineering: machinery to process materials and extract substances.

Mathematics: calculating the CO2, lifespans of landfill sites, number of materials to circumnavigate the globe/take up space.

Resource Rhymes also fits into the cross curricular topic of Sustainability.


The project follows the solution fluency process, allowing students to research, think creatively to find action pathways, define tasks and design a rhyme.  They then deliver this rhyme and evaluate the outcome and overall process.  

This process allows diverse research, imagination, fosters collaboration and teamwork, spans across disciplines, challenges students and allows reflection and self- assessment.  It also builds confidence and widely shares information in a fun and relatable way.



To raise awareness and positive action about resources of all kinds.  

To encourage considered thought in regards to usage of resources.

To engage the community in creative, thought provoking activities.

To foster collaboration, knowledge sharing and relationship building.

To empower younger generations to be part of positive change.

To create a shift in resource management.



The project will be piloted in the Southern regions Council areas of Holdfast Bay, Marion & Onkaparinga, South Australia. This allows for a diversity of schools to participate, with students from diverse backgrounds.  This area encompasses ….schools, … of which are operating in the Australian Sustainable Schools Network.


Target Outcomes

  • Improved student and community knowledge of where resources come from, how they are processed, used, recycled and disposed of and what impacts this has overall.

  • Resource Rhymes that reach the wider community, are impactful and continue to foster resource education and positive actions (see selection criteria).

  • Increased student and community confidence in the correct use of waste management streams.


Target Outputs

  • A reduction in resources to landfill in the pilot project area.

  • Increased uptake of Organics kerbside collections